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Our Super Company

Our Mission 
To create an experience for families that enables them to live a clear & happy life. 

Our Manifesto
We offer our team members the opportunity to develop their potential and support them in achieving their goals. We value the women and their family positions and make our schedules as flexible as possible for them.


Our Values 

  1. Customer Commitment: We develop relationships that make our customers life easier.

  2. Quality: We provide outstanding cleaning services to our customers. 

  3. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our decisions. 

  4. Teamwork: We work together, across boundaries, to meet the cleaning needs of our customers.  

Meet the



Cleaning Technician


Lupita provides cleaning services to our clients. Her super power is her charisma. initiative & responsibility. 


Cleaning Technician 


Paty provides cleaning services to our clients. Her superpower is her responsibility, honesty, and trust. 


Cleaning Technician 


Nancy provides cleaning services to our clients. Her superpower is her responsibility and initiative to learn more. 



Alma Montoya

Alma continues to manage and work alongside her team. Her superpower is to see the value of others and help enhance it and provide opportunities. 


Administrative Assistant 


Esmeralda keeps our super team organized and on track. Her superpowers are honesty, responsible & trustworthiness.


Cleaning Technician


Yenni is the team leader at Super A+ Cleaning she makes sure everyone is producing our super quality service. Her superpower is being a leader, 


Cleaning Assistant 


Dunia provides cleaning assistance to our cleaning technicians. Her superpower is her availability to help our team with projects. 


Cleaning Technician 


Evelynn provides cleaning services to our clients. Her superpower is her responsibility and initiative to learn more. 

Our Certificates


Your family's safety is our priorty.

Our Covid-19 Changes. 

Our team at Super A+ Cleaning has taken the precautions below to assure we are keeping our family and yours safe during these unfortunate times. 

  • All Cleaning Technicians Have Taken a Covid-19 Certification. 

  • All Cleaning Technicians wear a mask at all times. 

  • All Cleaning Technicians use shoe coverings when entering your home. 

  • All Cleaning Technicians are required to check their temperature prior to starting their workday. 

  • Cleaning Technicians are assigned to the same homes each month. 


Our Community Commitment 

When you get rid of items that still have life in them at Super A+ Cleaning instead of throwing them out we find a new home for them by donating them to Advance Alliance & Finding Single moms in need. When you are ready to get rid of household items, clothing or furniture call our team and we will pick it up and deliver it to them to a new home. 

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