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Deep Cleaning Service 

Recommended For New Clients + Current Clients every 6 months.

  • Height Dusting

  • Wipe Down with Damp Cloth - Ceiling fans, cabinets, blinds, doors, baseboards, railings, stairs & light switches.

  • Interior Windows - Clean all reachable interiors up to 8ft.

  • Short Dusting

  • Conditioning Furniture

  • Wipe mirrors & glass surfaces

  • Wipe & Polish Railings

  • Bed Making (Client must leave the clean set on the bed)

  • Empty all trashcans

  • Deep Clean Bathrooms

  • Kitchen - Wipe all cabinets, backsplash, sink & countertops. 

  • Wipe & Polish - Kitchen Appliances

  • Microwave - Clean inside out.

  • Dishwasher - Place dishes in the dishwasher if empty.

  • Vacuum - Sofa surfaces, chairs, rugs, carpeted areas & floor.

  • Mop - All floors

Check out what our clients say about our Deep Cleaning Service.

" I had an overall amazing experience using Super A + Cleaning Service. They were absolutely wonderful! Perfectionist. I am beyond grateful for Alma’s excellent service and team. My home feels so very refreshing and organized. " - Jasmine Houston

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